Your roof is an asset.



The roof is a very important, if not the most important component of your building. In Wisconsin our roof systems are susceptible to severe weathering from strong winds, hail, ice and expansion/contraction caused by seasonal temperature fluctuation. In addition, deterioration of membrane and flashings, drain and gutter blockages, moisture infiltration, buckles, wrinkles, cuts, punctures, membrane swells, water ponds, debris buildup, loose metal flashing, caulking cracks and edge cavitation may result in additional roof degradation.

Simply stated, your roof is vulnerable, and it can be costly to replace if you don't have a proactive plan in place.
GBR Corporation wants to be your partner and help you to appropriately manage your assets and assist you in creating a facility plan that maximizes roof performance and longevity through preventative maintenance.  Proactive maintenance not only minimizes roof system costs, it also maximizes the life-span of your roof system and greatly reduces the potential for roof leaks that can cause collateral damage to the valuable assets housed under your roof.
Although the roofing system is a crucial element of a structure, many roofs are neglected until there is a major problem.  Our goal is to partner with customers to create a proactive roof asset maintenance plan.  We understand that you may not be a roof expert, so we will guide you through the planning process and help you decide if one of our asset management packages or a custom plan will best support your unique business and facility needs.  



GBR Corporation has put together two comprehensive asset management packages that will meet most industrial and commercial roofing needs.   We are also happy to put together a custom plan if your have specific requirements or special considerations.

PLATINUM PROTECTION is a compresensive preventative maintenance plan designed to assess winter damage in the springtime and prepare your roof system in fall for the upcoming Wisconsin winter.  

GOLD PROTECTION is a more economical preventative maintenance package designed for newer roofing systems.  The package is designed to inspect and assess the roof once per year in either the spring or fall as requested by the building owner.




One inspection per year either in Spring or Fall depending on preference
Two inspections per year, one in Spring and one in Fall
24-hour emergency service
10% discount on all recommended inspection repairs if required
Digital inspection report with roof conditions, photos of findings and recommendations
Priority scheduling for service and repair work
Remove all environmental debris from field membrane
Clear all environmental debris from drains and gutters
​Inspect all access ladders and hatches
Inspect metal coping, coutner flash and roof edge
Inspect skylights and curbs
Inspect roof membrane, seams and flashing
Inspect all roof drains
Inspect all pitch pans, cones and pipes
Inspect all HVAC units
Inspect OSHA required fall protection
Inspect walk ways
Inspect sealants
Install caulk and sealnts as required
Patch tears or holes in membrane

It is never too late or too early to begin preventative roof maintenance.  Contact us today to start the conversation on how you can save on roofing costs through a proactive plan with GBR Corporation.